STARCKE VSM VITEX Zimpara Ltd. is a 100 % Subsidiary and a Joint Venture of 2 oldest German manufactures of coated abrasives: Starcke GmbH & Co. KG in Melle and VSM AG Hannover.
Coated abrasives manufactured by companies Starcke and VSM are typical products “made in Germany”. Coated abrasives are the core competence of Starcke and VSM.
Over 100 years of STARCKE experience and over 150 years of VSM experience mean that you can rely on the top suppliers for the professional application of abrasives in industrial manufacturing.
STARCKE VSM VITEX Zimpara Ltd. is your local competent partner who will evaluate and optimise your grinding processes, offer and supply you with optimum grinding solutions for the metal and wood industries.
Offering a wide variety of finished products for virtually all applications, STARCKE VSM VITEX Zimpara Ltd. provides efficient services and answers any questions you may have.